in which it is suggested that cyclists get their own traffic lights

Tidying up my bookmarks and clippings, I thought this one, from 23 June 1937 — 75 years ago — might be of wider interest/amusement to those observing TfL's, uh, unique state-of-the-art solutions to the junctions problem.

Oral Answers to Questions, Transport: Great West Road.

Sir Gifford Fox (Henley)
asked the Minister of Transport whether he has considered the danger created by the cycle tracks on the Great West Road merging at cross roads into the main thoroughfare instead of continuing across such side roads; whether this policy of thus merging the paths is advocated by the officials of his Department, or whether it has been carried out on the recommendations of the police; and whether, in either case, he will give the reasons for it?

Mr Edward Burgin (Luton)
The decision to bring the cycle tracks on the Great West Road into the main thoroughfare at junctions with side roads was taken after consultation with the Commissioner of Police. The object is to bring cyclists under the control of the traffic signal installations. This is considered essential for the general safety of road users.

Sir Gifford Fox (Henley)
Is this going to be the lay-out of all the main trunk roads; and would it not be better to have special lights in front of the cycle tracks, so that cyclists would see those lights and not go on to the main highways, which are so very dangerous?

Mr Edward Burgin (Luton)
That raises rather a large point, and perhaps my hon. Friend will allow me to look into it a little more fully, because it raises the question of policy in regard to trunk roads in general.


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